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ul. Jagiellońska 67B
70-382 Szczecin

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+48 91 4885186

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AutoGlass Szczecin

Sale of autoglass

stock of autoglass SzczecinWe sell automotive glass of local storage for retail customers, businesses and services. We have in stock autoglass for all types of cars, vans, trucks and buses, but also for special vehicles.

Autoglass repair

Auto glass repair auto glass SzczecinIn order to reduce costs, instead of exchange of a new windscreen it is possible to repair the glass.
Repair Service / gluing windshield we can prepare in shorter time than the replacement or installation of new autoglass, and its cost is on average about 20% of new autoglass. The time fixed glass will protect against further cracking – even small at the beginning of mechanical damage can be enlarged several times.

Replacement autoglass

replacement windshield in autoglass SzczecinOur service carries replacement windshield, side and rear for all types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, buses, buses and special vehicles.

Replacement autoglass

replacement windshield in Autoglass SzczecinIn case of the autoglass is leaking or has another failure, we can remove the autoglass and mount it correctly. We have all the materials such as gaskets, moldings, etc. to perform this type of service.

Installation of the side windows for vans

installation side window panel autoglass SzczecinWe offer car windows for glazing vans van truck and run services in this field.

Why AutoGlass Szczecin?


Car windows from Autoglass Szczecin have all have all the required certifications (quality, safety and use).

Company Auto Glass Szczecin has specialized hardware facilities and experienced technicians, which makes us a professional facility. We have windows only reputable manufacturers such as Pilkington and Saint-Gobain, Guardian, Soliver, Splintex.

Through direct cooperation with manufacturers of our car windows are some of the best prices on the market!

  • use equipment and materials only from reputable companies
  • offer branded car windows
  • the highest quality of services
  • The guarantee for performed services
  • the largest range of automotive glass available from stock
  • installation on filing damage
  • the ability to repair damaged windows
  • wholesale and retail auto glass
  • we also have a professional mobile point mounting windshields

We invite you to take a look at opinions on the services carried out by AutoGlass Szczecin and about autoglass service which our customers set on several websites.

Reports for damage

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